Study Abroad Evaluation Report

Study Abroad Evaluation Report

A study abroad evaluation report is designed for students that are attending a United States college or university and have completed a study abroad program. This evaluation will state whether or not the student’s study abroad program is equivalent to the course requirements at the student’s current United States institution of higher education. This service may also be requested by Study Abroad offices and offices responsible for articulation agreements with foreign institutions of higher education.

This type of evaluation report includes the following:

  • Name and location for the foreign institution where the student studied.
  • The institution’s accreditation status and language of instruction.
  • The institution’s credit hours system and grading scale, along with an explanation of their equivalents at the student’s institution of higher education.
  • Whether or not the courses you took are equivalent to the degree or certificate requirements at your United States institution of higher education.
  • The list of courses you took, the foreign grading scale used and its equivalence to the United States 4.0 grade scale, and semester credit hours converted into your United States institution’s standards.
  • An expert opinion declaring whether or not the program is equivalent to that of your United States college or university.