About GAE

About GAE

If you are ready to take the next step in your academic or professional life, Global Academic Evaluatorsis here to help you prove the value of your international education.

We have many years of experience in education and a highly knowledgeable staff with an extensive background in foreign credential evaluations. We are a trusted company that offers accurate foreign credential evaluation services for students, professionals, institutions, employers, professional licensing, and immigration purposes. Our goal is to provide high quality assistance to those who have completed their education in a foreign country and are wishing to convert international academic documents into their United States educational equivalency for any diploma, certificate, or license acquired in a foreign country.

These types of evaluation reports can assist you when it comes to applying to a United States institution of higher education or a new job that requires a degree or a professional license. We also provide work experience evaluations for immigration purposes. This type of evaluation can help you obtain a visa that has educational requirements, such as an H-1B visa or green card. Our philosophy is to always put the customer first, by creating and providing a service that is dependable and affordable, while also exceeding the customer’s expectations.


We constantly strive to provide international students with the best possible evaluation services that allow them to convert their foreign educational records into United States’ equivalencies. We believe in the value of education, no matter where it was accomplished, and are committed to providing opportunities to those in pursuit of higher education or job opportunities in the United States.

At Global Academic Evaluators, our mission is to facilitate the achievement of your goals.