GAE Offers Foreign Credential Evaluation Services for Colleges and Universities

GAE Offers Foreign Credential Evaluation Services for Colleges and Universities

One of the selling points for many major colleges and universities has come to be the diversity of their student bodies. They advertise that diversity will enrich education, challenge preconceived notions of other cultures, and create health competition, all of which is true. As travel becomes easier and economic ties strengthen internationally, it is important that students in the United States have the opportunity to meet and connect with students from all over the world.

By recruiting and accepting international students, colleges and universities will increase the diversity of their student body, increase academic competitiveness, and will receive more money for educational purposes because international students will pay out-of-state tuition.

Global Academic Evaluators is now offering foreign credential evaluations services with a specific focus on international students who want to pursue an education in the United States. Their knowledgeable evaluators will provide a necessary service for colleges and universities who have trouble discerning the level of education that international students obtained in their country of origin. All schools, universities, and education systems are different and it is important to understand the subtle nuances between each country to ensure a fair and complete review of an international student’s application.

As a branch of Translation Excellence, Inc., Global Academic Evaluators has provided services to top universities such as Denver University, University of Colorado Boulder, and Emory University. They are experienced in working directly with school administration with the goal of improving education in the United States and facilitating communication between international students and United States institutions of higher education.

Global Academic Evaluators is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and is experienced in providing foreign credential evaluation services for colleges and universities who are reviewing international students’ applications, students who are applying to a United States institution of higher education, students in the United States who want to study abroad, and foreign professionals who are applying for work or immigration visas. More information about Global Academic Evaluators can be found at their company website, or by calling their office at (720) 919-8411 or toll free at 800.413.4561

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