When it comes to figuring out what type of evaluation report you will need, the best thing to do is check with the institution, employer or licensing board to know their specific requirements, prior to submitting your documents. These are the types of evaluation reports we offer with a brief description of what each includes:

  1. Document-to-Document Evaluation Report: This type of report is perfect for an undergraduate or a graduate school admission application, employment and immigration purposes. It is a concise foreign credential evaluation to determine an individual’s equivalency in relation to the U.S. education system.
  2. Course-by-Course Evaluation Report: This type of report is perfect for someone looking at continuing their education at a U.S. institution. This report includes a detailed summary of the courses and credits taken and received for possible transfer of credits. It is a concise and detailed foreign credential evaluation to determine an individual’s equivalency in relation to the U.S. education system.
  3. Comprehensive Evaluation Report: A comprehensive evaluation report combines course-by-course and document-by document reports into one comprehensive resume. A comprehensive evaluation report is intended for those students or professionals who have earned multiple degrees and would like to convert all their academic achievements into their United States educational equivalencies for professional licensing and/ or graduate admissions.
  4. Study Abroad Evaluation Report: If you are looking into studying abroad, but want to be certain that the program you are enrolling in will count towards the degree you are seeking at your current college or university, this type of evaluation report is the one you will need. It is a concise and detailed evaluation report stating whether or not the courses or study plan is equivalent to the courses required for completion of your U.S. bachelor’s or graduate degree.
  5. Credential Evaluation Reports for Immigration: If you are applying for a U.S. work visa or green card, this is the type of evaluation report that you will need. This type of report will determine and show what your international education is equivalent to in the U.S. as required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).
  6. Professional Licensing Evaluation Report: This type of evaluation report is used for individuals who want to apply to professional licensing boards. It will evaluate your transcripts and diplomas or degree certificates to determine their equivalency in U.S. educational standards. It is recommended that you contact the appropriate professional licensing board to confirm that they will accept an evaluation from Global Academic Evaluators before ordering this report.

All evaluation report requests are processed on a first come first served based. The evaluation process normally takes two to four weeks, this is based on the completeness and accuracy of the information and documents submitted and the type of evaluation report requested.

You can check your application status online by providing your application number, or by emailing us at admin@aevaluators.comClick here to check your status now.

To get your evaluation report sooner, we do offer a rush service of 1, 2, and 5 business days, for an additional fee. This rush service starts when all of the documents and information are received in our office. This service is only accepted on a case-to-case basis, with prior approval. Please give us a call, so we can see if we can meet your needs as soon as possible. Either credit card, money order or cashier’s checks are required for all evaluations with rush services. This fee is non-refundable; with the one exception being that we receive all of your documents and information, but we are unable meet the requested deadline.

An additional evaluation report may be requested through the initial application submitted, for an additional $20 per report. After the evaluation report has been completed, you will be able to call us and request an additional evaluation report for $25 per report. If these reports are for different institutions, please provide the name of the institution, and the address you wish to have it mailed to. There is an extra $10 postage fee, through USPS carrier services. If you would like to receive this through overnight mail, other fees may apply.

Your evaluation file is kept in our office for three years from the date your evaluation is completed. There will be an expiration date attached to your evaluation report. You can request a copy of your evaluation report any time during these 3 years, for an additional fee of $25. After the 3-year expiration date, your file is destroyed, and if you need another copy, you will need to reapply for an evaluation report. We can provide a discount fee if you are reapplying for an evaluation report.

We do require that your documents are in English, and that they have been translated by a certified English translator, with a copy of the certificate. If your documents are not in English, you can submit them for translation through our parent company, Translation Excellence, Inc. for an accurate and certified translation.

We do not accept documents translated by you, because all academic transcripts, diplomas, and records submitted have to be translated by a Certified Translator to ensure accuracy and impartiality of the translated documents.

Yes, we require that all of the documents are the original documents for the evaluation process. This way we can verify their authenticity and accuracy, which will facilitate the evaluation process. If the original documents have been submitted to an institution or legal office, a true copy will be accepted if they are sent directly and only by the institution or legal office with the original document

We understand that this can be frightening, but unfortunately we can only go ahead with the evaluation process and verification of documents, if we have the original documents. Please mail your original documents to us through certified mail, insured mail or express mail.

Yes, you are welcome to visit us at the office so we can discuss the evaluation report needed and that way you can also submit your documents securely. We are located in 2620 S. Parker Rd. Suite 210, Aurora, CO 80014 and are here from Monday-Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm. Please call and schedule an appointment at (720) 298-9564 or email us at admin@aevaluators.com

If you are in disagreement with the results of your evaluation report, please call or write us with your concerns. As you read in the terms and conditions section in the application submitted, we do not guarantee that you will agree with the results of your evaluation report, but we will gladly explain the methods and standards we used in the evaluation process, in order to achieve those results.

We understand that name changes do happen. If your name was legally changed, please submit the legal proof of the name change, which can be a marriage certificate, or other documents showing that this name change was done legally.

We have many specific samples of documents for many countries, and a precise list of criteria in order to verify the document’s authenticity. We also use many reference materials, resources, and professional services to verify the submitted material. If we have any questionable documents, these will be sent to their issuing institution or the Department of Education of the issuing country, for verification. This process can be the most time consuming, sometimes taking 1-6 months.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, and international money orders (in U.S. Dollars). Evaluation reports will not be started until be have received full payment for all required fees. We will put your application on hold and notify you by your provided contact information if we have not received payment in full.